Get Ready to Experience GTA 5
on Your Mobile Devices

Get Ready to Experience GTA 5 on Your Mobile Devices

You’re not dreaming, you can finally play GTA 5 on your Android or iOS device.

You’re not dreaming, you can finally play GTA 5
on your Android or iOS device.

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GTA V For Android & IOS

Eager to play GTA V on your Mobile Devices? If so, then download it right now. When it comes to playing GTA 5 on Mobile Devices, our website is the most trustworthy, with over 9 Million Downloads across 160 Countries.

There’s no need to have any PC or gaming console to run GTA 5 on your mobile devices, as it is specially designed for your phones and can run smoothly, even on low specs.


GTA 5 Mobile Portable comes with thrilling features that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun; however, they are more advanced than PC and any other Gaming Console, offering you adventurous gameplay to experience and a stunning plot to unfold. Drive your story either from a third-person or first-person viewpoint, select the vehicle of your dream, and embark on missions to earn in-game cash. Get familiar with the stock market that works on the same formula used in real-life. Although the game restricts a few features, playing GTA V is worth your time. The most prominent features are given below:

What's new?

After the release of GTA Vice City on App Stores, players from worldwide have started dreaming ofexperiencing GTA V on their phones anytime. Although the release of GTA V wasn’t easy, no one found a positive response from developers regarding the release. Apart from that, the keyword “GTA V Mobile Release Date” has been placed on trending many times. Thousands of videos are available on YouTube showing gameplay and newly introduced features found in GTA V APK. If you are looking for a way to experience GTA V Android, then you are at the right place where you will get everything you need to know, including Review, How to Download, GTA V, Game Requirements, Newly introduced Features, Release Date, and more. Although the game has been released and is available to play on mobile devices, you should go a bit below to find how to download GTA 5 on Android or iOS. Asides, many new features have been implemented to make the gameplay catchy and sleeky for users to keep themselves engaged for endless hours of fun.


We don’t consider introducing GTA 5 to you, as there will be no one who isn’t familiar with one of the best, most played video games across the globe. Yes, GTA 5 is the most played game that offers endless hours of fun. This is because the game features almost everything to experience you found in multiple games, ranging from Role-playing aspects to Racing, Fighting, Puzzles, and more. In short, you have a chance to experience how Mafia works and kills people while smuggling drugs and carrying on other challenging missions.

Everyone dreams of being the wealthiest person in GTA 5 as it has introduced a unique currency method and a Stock Exchange, which has also been added following the rules of real-time.

 It means you are capable of investing your money in the Stock Exchange to make it double or many times more than you
can imagine.

Although GTA 5 was released back in 2013 for limited platforms, including PC and Gaming Consoles, it later moved on to other devices, including Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and Mobile Devices. Like the PUBG game, GTA V users are increasing drastically on mobile phones and the day isn’t far away when GTA V will rule over the mobile industry. If you are new to the game and don’t know how to GTA 5 Mobile Download, then look no further as the links to GTA 5 APK Download are given below.

GTA 5 Mobile Impression – You GET Everything

Indeed, you would be expecting low graphics and limited game features for mobile devices; however, it wasn’t made with GTA V. You will experience high-quality gameplay with newly introduced features as
found on PC and Gaming Console. Furthermore, there are no restricted areas and features that you can’t access throughout the game; however, a few places are restricted until you complete particular missions.

Experience Both Perspectives

Unlike other GTA video games, you are allowed to move in your way from either a first-person or third-person viewpoint. The tradition of navigating the world on foot and by vehicle comes with a fresh look.

The high-quality vehicles and fabulous roads keep you engaged until you end the game. Dozens of modern cars, including Bugatti and Lamborghini, were introduced to the game to make your day. Besides, you have a choice to play the game from either a third-person viewpoint or first-person.

The Story of Three Protagonists

The plot revolves around three protagonists, and their names are the following: Michael Townley, Brad Snider, and Trevor Philips. The story starts with a failed robbery happening in Ludendorff wherein all three protagonists have participated. The outcome wasn’t happy as the first character was presumed dead. However, after nine years, Michael appears on the scene and starts living with his family in Los Santos after making a secret deal with FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau). The gangster named Frankin Clinton is working under a corrupted car salesman and encounters Michael during the period. Later on, both become friends.

The twist appears when Michael finds his wife sleeping with the coach of her tennis team; meanwhile, he chases the coach along with Franklin and reaches the mansion that Michael destroys in anger. Next to that, the mansion owner sued Michael and demanded compensation for what he did with his estate. Michael joins the criminal way once again after enlisting Franklin as his accomplice to arrange money. Together they have stolen a jewelry store to pay off the debt with the help of a disabled hacker. Many twists come as you navigate the vast world to earn in-game currency. The story you experience when playing GTA V on your mobile device.

How to Download & Install GTA 5 Mobile on Your Phone?

Finally, the moment has come when players from worldwide can end up their wait of playing GTA 5 on
their mobile devices. Currently, you can’t download the game from App Store, and Google Play Store as
its apk files are distributed to third-party websites, and they are offering you free to download. The only
thing you have to do is find a trustworthy site and find the GTA 5 Android Download file to get started.
To download the file, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 - Download

To download the GTA 5 Mobile APK file, you have to hit the “Download” button below.

At the bottom, you have two possible options, such as GTA 5 Android Download and GTA 5 iOS Download.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Android or iOS, as the game was released for both devices, so just cool!

Step 2 - Using PC

Step 2: If you aren’t on mobile, open the website and download the file to your PC.

Connect your phone using the cable and transfer the file to install. Go to the setting, install the game from “Unknown Source,” and hit the button to start the installation.

Step 3 - Start Playing

Once the installation process is completed, the GTA V icon will be shown on your homepage. Click on the icon and start playing the game to make money and avenge others.

GTA V Mobile Requirements

As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter whether you have a flagship phone or a mobile with low specs; GTA V Mobile has been designed keeping the performance and low specs in mind. According to a survey, over 50% of mobile users aren’t on the latest Mobile OS. Meanwhile, if you expected smooth performance and gameplay with no lagging, then having an Android over 5.0 is required. Installing GTA V on older Android or iOS may cause the game to lag. Therefore, we jump in to help you with the minimum requirement you should keep in mind when playing GTA V on mobile devices.

File Name
File Size
2.2 GB
2.5 GB
Android / iOS Version
Android 8.0+ and above
iOS 9+ and above
Processor / iPhone & iPad version
Quad-Core or more
iPhone 4s, iPad 2013 or more
4 GB
Available Space
5 GB
6 GB
Last Updated
January 29, 2022
February 14, 2022
Total Downloads

Difference Between GTA V Mobile & GTA V Console and PC

Both games are related to the same developers and offer the same gameplay, storyline, missions, and characters. The only difference is compatibility with devices, as GTA V Mobile is only designed to run on Android and iOS. At the same time, GTA V is supported by PlayStation, PC, Mac OS, Linux, and Xbox Series. Furthermore, other differences come in graphics, gameplay, and smooth performance. Undoubtedly, the better graphics you can experience on PC and Game Consoles won’t be found in low specs mobile devices. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy better gameplay than PC as both devices have unique advantages that are perfect for their related users. In short, some players love to play on mobile devices, while some prefer PC and Game Consoles to high-level gameplay. Moreover, several changes have been made when it comes to finding the difference between GTA V Mobile and GTA V PC & Consoles.

Many other differences are also found when it comes to differentiating the gameplay between GTA V Mobile and GTA V Console.

It's time to enjoy GTA 5 on Android & iOS!

Although it wasn’t possible a few years ago after the release of GTA V on PC and Gaming Consoles, as no one imagined the mobile market would come to its boom; therefore, the existence of GTA 5 apk Download was almost impossible. Thanks to developers, it is possible to play GTA 5 iOS and Android.

Apart from that, you aren’t capable of downloading the game from official app stores as it wasn’t released over there yet due to unknown reasons; however, you can download its apk file from our platform to run on your device and experience GTA wherein assuming the role of a fictional character is your ultimate job and completing missions to earn in-game money is your need.

The more you play the game, the more currency you earn if you work on the right path and keep completing missions instead of randomly killing people. Become the fictional character and navigate the land from a third-person viewpoint while experiencing the high-quality graphics and using advanced weapons.


If you are eager to know whether Internet Connection would be mandatory or not, then we bring the answer to your table. You aren’t limited to playing the game using Mobile Data or WIFI, as it is designed to run with no internet as it has been played on PC and Gaming Consoles.

If you are in love with GTA V Mobile and want to experience the mobile gameplay on your PC, instead of playing GTA V released for PC, then it is possible using Android Emulators. Android Emulators are designed to turn your PC into Android OS, wherein you can play any game of your choice anytime, anywhere.

To download GTA V APK for PC, you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Download GTA V APK from the link provided below into your PC.
  2. Next, download and install Bluestack, LDPlayer, or NOX on your PC to run any game of your choice.
  3. Create an account for any selected Android Emulator and sign in using your Google Account.
  4. Install the GTA V APK Downloaded file and click on the icon to run it.

Indeed, you would be familiar that whenever you install any product on your mobile devices, it requires permissions to use your device resources or components, including the following:

  • Microphone
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Messages

If you love to play GTA V APK with your friends online, you should give the permission of Microphone that ensures your friend listens to your voice. Furthermore, the game requires you to provide the location with access, and it makes sure that you are connected to the right person nearby you during the matchmaking process. Besides, storage access is mandatory; otherwise, the game won’t run, and the progress you make won’t be saved.

Since the release of the first GTA game, players have been experiencing only Single-player mode. Many things have been changed because we live in the modern era where no one is far away from each other while they are on two different territories. Players would love to play multiplayer games online as the time has gone when players prefer sitting on the couch to play co-op games. The multiplayer mode was introduced first in GTA IV and made it to GTA V.

When it comes to playing with friends and other players worldwide, you need an internet connection to run the game. When using Mobile Data or WIFI, your progress will be saved on the Cloud. If you are playing offline but connected to the internet, your progress will save on the cloud, too. If you don’t have an internet connection, the game uses your device storage to save progress.

Although GTA V isn’t offering a traditional Role-playing game; however, a few aspects have been borrowed, like you assume the role of three characters and struggle for their living and struggle to get rid of problems. During the game, you interact with NPCs to get missions and embark on them for completion. Every completed task will leave you the in-game currency that you can use to purchase properties, vehicles, and many other things. If you are confused and don’t know how to complete missions, you can kill pedestrians and loot banks for money.

GTA V Mobile game was released without leaving any traces in 2021. In short, it was a massive surprise for users when they woke up and found the game was available to download. GTA V Mobile Apk file is given below to download and install to your device. The game was last updated on 21 December 2021.
GTA V Mobile has downloaded over 9 million players from 160 countries within a few months. Indeed, you would love to be one of them to check how GTA Mobile has to share with you.